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What Do You Want to See More of on GGN?

We want to use this offseason to figure out how to make GGN better.

The only way we can do that, is for you all (our readers) to let us know how we can improve and expand upon our content. We value your input, as we think our readers are an extremely educated fan base.

Now that we find ourselves in the Digital Age/Web 2.0, we know that there are a lot of multimedia options at our disposal..... all of which we are currently looking into.

So what do you want to see more of? We hope to see a lot of comments in this thread, as we're certainly open to ideas you all may have. So if you select the "other" option, please let us know what that "other" is. And we'll discuss it.

And from the GGN staff, to our readers, thanks again --- It was a great season, and we hope to continue to bring you all Jets News & Analysis w/ a personal feel. Remember, we are homers also.....the entire GGN staff bleeds green (as John alluded to). This is a community for the fans, and it always will be.

Opening the floor now, poll will be up till March 1. Have at it!