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Steve Weatherford: Stay or Go?

A year ago the Jets played musical punters in the offseason. By my count, Weatherford was the sixth punter the Jets had between the last game of the 2008 season and the first game of the 2009 season. We all remember him missing the Wild Card game against the Bengals due to an irregular heartbeat, taking unfair criticism (I was one who unfairly took a shot at him), and gaining respect when the story came out that Rex Ryan virtually had to drag him off the field to keep him from punting with his serious condition.

I think we all like Weatherford for his toughness. The question is whether he should return as the punter for the Jets in 2010. I unfortunately do not think so. Two averages tell the story. He averaged 42.0 yards per punt and a net of 36.7 yards. Those are both 26th in the league, well below average.

There has to be somebody available out there who could do better.

I vote go.

How do you vote?


Should the Jets bring back Steve Weatherford in 2010?

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