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Early 2010 First Round Mock Draft

I'm going to steal a bit of David's thunder. The following is how I see the first round of the Draft playing out. This isn't necessarily what I would do if I were these teams. It is what I think they will do.

1. St. Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

Right now a lot of pundits have Ndamukong Suh going with this pick. It makes sense. Steve Spagnuolo helped turn the Giants into a champion behind a dominant defensive line. I think this thing is going to turn towards a quarterback as we get closer to the Draft. The Rams realize at this point that Marc Bulger is part of the problem. They've passed on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez the past two years. Nothing can fire up a fan base like a new franchise quarterback. I think Clausen will overtake Sam Bradford as the top quarterback because of a lack of durability and experience in a pro style offense.

2. Detroit Lions: Ndomukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Detroit has a glaring need at defensive tackle. Their starters this year were Grady Jackson and Sammie Lee Hill. The Lions ranked 25th against the run. The two tackles combined for no sacks. Suh put himself on the map with his performance against Texas in the Big XII Championship Game, but I saw him play a lot. He was just as dominant all year.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

McCoy would be the best tackle in just about any other year. The Bucs are another team with a major weakness at the position, and their system puts a lot of pressure on defensive linemen to make plays. They need an impact player like McCoy has the potential to be.

4. Washington Redskins: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

I think Mike Shanahan will want to start over in Washington with his own quarterback. Dan Snyder will love the move because it will make a huge splash.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

The Chiefs could use help on the offensive line, but Berry's potential at safety is off the charts. Mike Brown and Jon McGraw comprise a poor starting safety tandem.

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6. Seattle Seahawks: Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

Seattle needs to replace Walter Jones at tackle.

7. Cleveland Browns: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

Mike Holmgren is a passing oriented guy. He can't be happy with the team's quarterback situation, but no quarterback left would justify a pick this high in this scenario. Last year the leading receiver on the roster had 36 catches and 624 yards. The second leading receiver had 34 catches and 220 yards.

8. Oakland Raiders: Usain Bolt, 100m/200m/4x100m, Jamaica

We all know Al Davis only cares about straight line speed so who better than the fastest man in the world? I know you're probably either laughing or rolling your eyes, but admit it. You could see this happening.

9. Buffalo Bills: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

This looks like a reach, but 3-4 players tend to go earlier than projected. Buffalo is shifting to a 3-4 defense without a guy to play the most important position, nose tackle. Williams is a prototypical two gap space eater.

10. Denver Broncos: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

McClain is an intelligent and versatile linebacker who would fit perfectly in Denver's 3-4.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

For the record, I think this would be a terrible pick. Tebow is way too raw to go this high, but the Jaguars are struggling financially. They struggled filling their stadium this year. A local legend like Tebow could fill seats. I could see ownership taking control here and making a business decision. It's not as though David Garrard is a championship quarterback.

12. Miami Dolphins: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

The Dolphins will cut Joey Porter, which will leave a void at outside linebacker. They do have Cameron Wake, but it's not clear whether he's ready to contribute full time. Jason Taylor also isn't getting any younger. Kindle is an incredible athlete who unlike many prospects has experience playing as a hybrid end and outside linebacker. Alabama had no answer for him in the National Championship Game.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma

Everything I read about the Niners says offensive line is a high priority. Alex Smith showed signs he may yet develop into a quality quarterback. San Francisco seems to have found its left tackle in Joe Staley. Williams has the strength necessary to man the right side.

14. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

The Seahawks have struggled running the ball since Shaun Alexander's MVP 2005 campaign. Julius Jones is an average back. Spiller is a game changer, a back with blazing speed and excellent pass catching skills. After the year Chris Johnson just had, a lot of teams would love to have a homerun hitter like Spiller.

15. New York Giants: Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

I know you might think the secondary is the issue with the Giants, but they've always been a team that has looked to hide the secondary with a pass rush. A number of players on the defensive line underperformed last year. There are red flags with Dunlap, namely an underperforming year and a DUI arrest the week of the biggest game of the year. If not for that, he would be long gone by this point. This would give the Giants a guy athletic enough to play end and big enough to move to tackle. If he reaches his potential, he could become another Justin Tuck.

16. Tennessee Titans: Joe Haden, CB, Florida

Tennessee ranked 23rd against the pass. Haden and Cortland Finnegan would make one of the best tandems in the league.

17. San Francisco 49ers: Earl Thomas, S, Texas

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Taylor Mays went to USC just like Niners legend Ronnie Lott. San Francisco does need help at the position, but they need a guy who can defend the pass and improve the pass defense. Mays is not a cover safety. Thomas is.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Anthony Davis, T, Rutgers

It's time for the Steelers to address their offensive line. They can't run it, and Ben Roethlisberger has taken too much of a pounding. Davis played tackle and guard at Rutgers. The Steelers could play him at either spot. He's good value here, powerful in the run game and nimble enough to excel at any line position except probably left tackle.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

The Falcons are another team that could use a corner but couldn't find value with this pick. Instead, we'll add to the pass rush by adding a complete defensive end in Morgan. Jamaal Anderson hasn't turned into much of a pass rusher. Morgan will be in good shape playing across from John Abraham (at least when Abe is on the field).

20. Houston Texans: Taylor Mays, S, USC

I personally think this is too early for a team to take Mays, but his physical tools will be difficult for teams to ignore, particularly a team like Houston lacking secondary playmakers.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

LaFell compares favorable to fellow LSU product Dwayne Bowe. Cincinnati's passing offense struggled in part due to the struggles of Laveranues Coles. LaFell is a physical wideout who would compliment Chad Johnson and Andre Caldwell well.

22. New England Patriots: Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson

The Patriots could use a lot on defense. The secondary doesn't look great, but there is again no value to be found here. Sapp is the best 3-4 pass rushing prospect left.

23. Green Bay Packers: Bryan Buluga, T, Iowa

Green Bay's offensive line was responsible for a struggle out of the gates. Buluga is a mauler who would provide an immediate upgrade over Mark Tauscher at right tackle.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri

Weatherspoon is an excellent weakside linebacker prospect, a spot the Eagles have a need. Philly's system demands versatile linebackers. Weatherspoon has excellent range, blitzes well, and plays good coverage.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

The Ravens need to get Joe Flacco some weapons. When Derrick Mason is by far your most dangerous target in the passing game, it's a problem. Tate will either replace Mason if he retires or compliment him.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

This is assuming the Cardinals lose Karlos Dansby. My thinking is he will be too expensive for Arizona to franchise a third time. If they felt they could afford a long term deal, they would have done it already. Spikes would be a perfect replacement, a guy who is good blitzing, against the run in traffic, and in coverage.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Bruce Campbell, T, Maryland

The Cowboys need to find a replacement for Flozell Adams sooner rather than later.

28. San Diego Chargers: Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

LaDainian Tomlinson is likely gone, and his productive days were likely behind him anyway. San Diego's passing game will get more dangerous if there's a quality back to add the element of play action. Dwyer might be the most complete back in the Draft.

29. New York Jets: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

More than anything, I think the Jets need to add a pass rusher. The blitz will become that much more dangerous if they have a guy opposing offensive lines always have to keep an eye on. The coverage will improve if the Jets can get to opposing quarterbacks rushing four and can blitz less. Graham looks like he can be an impact player down the line and contribute right off the bat.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

Whether Brett Favre returns or not, this position is a long term question mark for the Vikings. If Brad Childress thought Tavaris Jackson was a franchise quarterback, he never would have spent so much time courting Favre. McCoy has top notch intangibles, and his accuracy is a must for the West Coast offense. I really think McCoy is going to make some team very happy one day.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State

The Colts always seem to have a problem at tackle. A guy like Odrick seems like a good fit for their quick, gap shooting defensive front.

32. New Orleans Saints: Everson Griffen, DE, USC

The Super Bowl champions could use a pass rusher. Griffen is big enough to handle end full time and explosive enough that Gregg Williams can move him around.