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DW's 2010 Mock Jets draft 1.0 (UPDATED)

Usually you wont see me update a mock as quickly as this, but I was listening to what people had to say, taking it all on board and the absence of a OLB was the main questionable decision. Well that got me thinking, and I was sure that I had one in mind who I had labelled a potential steal, so I had to go back and check 'my little draft book'. While doing so, I had made a glaring omission from my first mock, a player that I have been looking at a lot over the past few weeks. Completely my own fault for rushing last night's post. So this is not a second mock, this is the updated mock. It will be extremely similar because in 24 hours I'm not going to be changing my mind too much.

So anyway, join me after the jump, if you already read through yesterday's mock, then you will only need to read the third selection, you will also notice a switch of the first and second selection, this is based on recommendation by several people, including some 'experts', and strength of position.

New York Jets trade the 29th pick (1st round) and the 243rd pick (7th round) to the Cleveland Browns for the 38th pick, 107th pick (4th round) and 183 pick (6th Round)- I know using the draft value chart can be useless at points, but when doing something like this, the value is almost equal with those selections and it is the easiest thing to use without getting players involved. I thought Kansas might be a better option to trade with here as they hold two second round choices, but we all love trading with the Cleveland Browns.

With the 38th pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State:


Right now many people feel like he will be here when we select at our own choice in the 2nd round, will he? I'm not so sure, I think some team will fall in love with his physicality and general upside. He had some character issues, but they were not major ones, and he seems to have sorted that out, you can't hold these things against players for ever. We need another corner to play opposite Revis, that's no secret. Cox did in college what Revis did in the NFL, just not as successfully. He often manned up on the best receiver, and 9/10 he held his own. He did a great job against Georgia's AJ Green and he is one of the most promising young receivers in college football. He is physical at the line, plays a great press game, can play in either Man or Zone. Tackles well in the open field, and can contribute on kick returns. He may need some work, but he would be an upgrade on what we have right now if we don't sign Lito. He is faster more physical, more aggressive and a better cover corner than any other corner on our roster (obviously minus Revis). In my opinion we are getting an absolute steal here

With the 61st pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas:


This really is a no brainer for me, when you can move back to add selections, and add a player with the skills and motivation of Shipley, you should do it. This gives Sanchez another weapon to work with, yes it looks like we have patches on the defence, but maintaining a more balanced offence should also be a priority. He fills the need of a slot receiver perfectly. He has great hands, and with a QB like Sanchez, having a receiver who you can rely on to catch the ball is vital. He has a great work ethic, he can take short passes and take them 20-30 yards, and is as elusive as anyone with the ball in his hands. I still think he is a first round talent, but the general thought is that he is a early-mid second round choice. Not taking any chances we grab him here. I can't imagine how defensive coordinators would game plan for a running attack of Shonn/Jones/Leon and a passing attack of Cotchery/Edwards/Shipley/Keller and Leon. It would balance us out more and give Sanchez that quick read receiver who somehow always finds a way to get open. Said many times, I don't like comparing college kids to NFL pro's but he has Wes Welker type instincts and hands.


With the Browns 107th pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State


I know that some people will still not be happy with this not being addressed earlier, but Watson was the player that should of been in the original mock. I watched his game against Miami this year, and came away as impressed as you possible can with a linebacker. He was quick, he was smart, he showed great pursuit, good agility, and an ability to drop back into coverage, but one of the things that really impressed me was his leadership, he was on his players when they were down, lifting the spirits and pumping up everyone. He looked like he was having the time of his life, and his players seemed to respond. This is a potential steal, he has had injury problems and he was suspended for being part of the while Florida State cheating scandal. He was named number 7 on the ESPN work out warrior list pre 2009, and was considered one of the most athletic players in the ACC, 13.0 tackles for a loss, 6.5 sacks later, he has done nothing to suggest otherwise. I checked out his draft stock with a few sites, and most had him pegged as a 3-4 round talent, when asked most said that injuries and size were a concern for some teams that may stop them from selecting him. You know that when it comes to football players, I take their skills over physical attributes every single day. So here we are sitting at the top of the 4th, if he is here, it would be a fantastic selection in my opinion. I have added a video at the bottom of the page just to give you a look if you have not seen him at all.

With Philadelphia's 5th round pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt


A man much wiser than myself once said that you can never have enough cornerbacks, and well I agree with that, especially as the NFL is turning into a passers league. Lewis is another guy who is a physical guy, he gets his hands on receivers up at the line and has good instincts. His hips are not the best and some project him better at the safety position in the NFL, but you can never have too much flexibility. He is a good blitzer who will wrap up the ball carrier, and certainly can deliver a hit when he wants to. Very bright guy who reads the game, and takes his education seriously, willing to listen on the football field and during meetings. Doesn't have the agility to always stick with faster short area receivers, but has decent straight line speed, so any seperation receivers get in the cuts can be 'cut' down later. He is a project, but your not going to get a sure thing in the 5th round, I like his potential, and physicality. Finished his Vanderbilt career with 106 tackles, 18 passes broken up and 11 interceptions.

With the 183rd selection in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Corey Peters, DE, Kentucky


File this under 'another toy project for Rex'. Before his senior season, not many people were talking about Peters, he was a attractive looking undrafted free agent option. After a good senior season he has climbed into draft consideration, and could well go in the 5th if he has a good combine. At 6-3 and 295, he has decent size, he has good hands, needs to work on his moves, but he had 12 tackles for a loss last season and 4 sacks, all while playing in the SEC. NFL draft scout have him projected as a 7th round pick, even after being named a All SEC first team selection and taking home defensive lineman of the year twice in 2009, so very interested in Peters in the 6th round.

With the 204th selection in the NFL draft, the New York Jets select: Deji Karim, RB, Southern Illinois


I know that running back is by no means a pressing need, but when you get into the 6th round, I always think you are trying for the lightning strike. Karim could possibly be it, he is a smaller back, with plenty of speed. He has been rumoured to run a sub 4.4, and with Leon questionable on his return from a serious leg injury, and Jones winding his career down, I think it would probably be wise to possibly look for a compliment to Greene. Karim has that potential, he is fast, he plays low and he uses his speed to the outside, he is also a receiving threat out the backfield. 1694 yards and 18 TD's as a senior at Southern Illinois last season, his balance is questionable, his vision needs to be worked on, but he has a combination of power and speed, and for a 6th round prospect, I would say it's worth taking a punt on him.

No 7th round selection