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Jets Flight Connections 021310

Mark Carrier is officially the Jets' defensive line coach.

New York Post: Jets land on Carrier.

The Jets also signed nine players.

RG Brandon Moore is going to Harvard. writes about changes in the division. debates about improving the Jets defense.

TheJetsBlog has approval ratings for DC Mike Pettine.

Why QB Chad Pennington is not likely to return to the Jets. The one-year anniversary of one Brett Favre retirement.

This Sports Illustrated writer predicted that the Jets would make the playoffs.

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Roger Goodell will be the NFL's commissioner for the next five years.

Former Jets S Leonard Peters now plays rugby. Sabra helps Jets lift again from Orange Bowl. writes about the 2010 fullbacks.

AFC East Blog: Is the three-point stance dead?

LB Joey Porter is still with Miami.

The Dolphins didn't realize the league still has a salary cap.

NBC Miami: Dolphins need a replacement or understudy for Jason Ferguson.

The Buffalo Bills have raised ticket prices.

New York Post: Uncapped year would hurt many free agents.

Will the lack of salary cap actually be a problem?

Pittsburgh is giving themselves their own salary cap.

NFL Fanhouse writes about Paul Younger.

Here is an updated NFL calendar from

CB Darrelle Revis at the Madden Bowl: