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Jason Ferguson: Pursue or No?

Jason Ferguson spent the first eight years of his career with the Jets. It took two years to replace him after he left. The Jets struggled to find a space eating nose tackle until trading for Kris Jenkins. At his best, Ferguson was an extremely underrated player. In Fergy's final year with the Jets, 2004, Dewayne Robertson benefited greatly from all the attention Jason drew and had the finest year of his career.

Ferguson moved on to reunite with Bill Parcells in Dallas and then later in Miami. He saw his 2007 season end in the first game with a biceps injury and missed the last six games of 2009 with a quadriceps ailment. In between these problems, he has been a steady space eater, consistently holding the point of attack and drawing double teams in 3-4 alignments.

He's near the end of the line at age 35. There is speculation the last injury could bring the end of his career. He has stated he will likely retire if Miami does not want him back. They might want to get younger at the position. I think it would be worth it for the Jets to try and bring him aboard. At his age and coming off an injury, he won't be terribly expensive. The Jets would likely be able to find a taker for one of their free agents at the price it would take to land Jason. Perhaps they could sell him on ending his career where it began and let him take home an NFL salary for another year instead of retiring.

Yes, I know the Jets already have Kris Jenkins and Sione Pouha, but a team can never have too much depth on the defensive line, particuarly at nose tackle. Using Ferguson in a limited role could help keep Jenkins fresh.

I can't say whether the Jets are looking at him, but I think they should.

I vote pursue.

How do you vote?