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Jets Flight Connections 021210

Yahoo Sports remembers RB Shonn Greene's TD in SD. Don't be afraid of the boogeyman. Forget the draft charts.

The Fifth Down: Want a piece of the old stadium?

Erik Manassy wants you to be on twitter.

Eric Allen looks at cornerbacks in the draft.

Randy Lange reflects on the NFL's best defense.

Sports Illustrated: Can Rex take his defense even higher? Jets fans look to next season's potential.


More connections after the jump.


Hall of Fame QB Joe Namath talks about QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

This mock draft picks Dan Williams for the Jets.

And it picks Demaryius Thomas in the next round.

MLB Antonio Pierce was released by the Giants.

WR Torry Holt was released by the Jaguars.

DT Vince Wilfork was not franchised by the Patriots.

NFL Fanhouse has a free agency primer.

Learn more about the new Bills DC George Edwards.

Rex Ryan's friend Don Martindale is also an agressive DC.

ESPN has a video for Black History Month.

Chicago Sun-Times: NFL film critics see big picture.

Mark Sanchez talks about winning:


Mark Sanchez coached at the Celebrity Beach Bowl: