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Jets Flight Connections 021110

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HC Rex Ryan stays in the news.

New York Post: Wardrobe malfunction was hard to stomach.

Rex also talked about football, by the way. writes about Jets free agents. writes about the CBA and the Jets. writes about 2010 running backs. has their AFC East preview.

Associated Press: DE Shaun Ellis is recovering from hand surgery.

Washington Post: Super Bowl III is still the most significant game.


More connections after the jump.


This mock draft has the Jets picking Kyle Wilson.

AFC East Blog has a collection of mock draft picks.

Free agent DE Kyle Vanden Bosch might stay in Tennessee.

NFL Fanhouse: WR Donte Stallworth was wrong but unlucky.

Adam Schein writes about 9 teams to watch for next year.

Mike Pereira has a problem with the pass interference penalty.

Here are pictures of CB Darrelle Revis and friends.

Revis at the Gatorade performance lab:


Rex Ryan at a hockey game:


ESPN's coverage:


A J-E-T-S chant for Rex:


Blindfolded WR Braylon Edwards: