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Scouting The Draft, Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

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Let me just say that I like Benn, I just don't like him on the Jets. This seems like the perfect time to complete Benn's scouting report. Heading into 2010 he was mentioned as one of the top receivers in the country, and possibly the only player who could challenge Dez Bryant for the #1 WR ranking. Unfortunately things didn't quite turn out that way, a combination of a high ankle sprain and terrible QB play by Juice Williams resulted in Benn having his worst statistical year in his Illinois career.

It seems like all of a sudden for no apparent reason some people who didn't have him in the first round a couple of weeks ago, have now vaulted him up into the 20's and more specifically to the Jets. Benn has a lot of good attributes, but he is not the kind of player that we need. Will explain why in the final word part of the scouting report. I also don't see what he has done to be considered a better prospect than Damian Williams or Golden Tate.

CBS have him listed as the 57th best prospect, projected to go in the 2nd round, and that is about where I see him, unless some team falls in love with his strength, I just can't see how someone with his record, and his short comings can be seen as a first round talent. Again that's just my opinion, take it for what you will.

Career Stats

2007- 13 games, 54 catches, 676 yards, 2 TD's

2008- 12 games, 67 receptions, 1,055 yards, 3 TD's

2009- 12 games, 38 yards, 490 yards, 2 TD's

Career Awards & Achievements

  • Big Ten Freshman Player of the Year (2007)
  • Walter Payton Trophy winner (2007)
  • 2nd Team All Big 10 (2008)

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What does Arrelious Benn do well?

Benn is an extremely physical receiver, when you read most reports the name that you will see him compared to regarding this aspect of his game is Terrell Owens. He has a nice first step and has the strength to beat press coverage. Has nice straight line speed, and has above average body control. Stands at 6'2 and 220, so is a nice combination of size and strength. Is one of the few college receivers who commits completely to the blocking game, and has excelled in this area, and has even commented that he likes this area of his game. He runs a nice post route and uses his straight line speed and body strength to get separation. Although he doesn't have many open field moves, was able to break through weak tackles by lowering his shoulder in college and running over some defensive backs. 

What does Arrelious Benn need to work on?

Being a wide receiver. Most of the attributes you look for in a receiver he needs to work on. His hands are average, he cradles the ball to his body like a Wille Mays basket catch. Rarely catches the ball away from his frame and sometimes has a bad case of the dropsies. Looks very stiff moving in and out of his cuts, struggles with his route running, and will need to improve this if he wants to catch many balls at the next level. Once he has the ball he won't make many people miss, has very few open field moves, and where he may of been able to run over people in college, he won't be able to do this in the NFL. "You can't run over everyone in this league Julius Arrelious". Doesn't visit the end-zone very much. Even in 2008 with his 1,000+ yard season he only had 3 TD's. A first round wide receiver should have more than 7 total TD's in three years of college football.

Final Word

He is a poorer version of Braylon Edwards. He is physical, he is a very good blocker, his hands are suspect. Only difference is that Edwards route running is miles better and he has more athleticism to go up and make the catch. The main reason why I don't want him is because he really doesn't add much to our offence. In my opinion we need a player to work underneath, a crisp route runner who can find separation and then make players miss in the open field. Someone with reliable hands. Benn is a receiving project, he won't be able to out muscle all the defensive backs like he does in college, he will never be that short area quickness guy that we need. He could well turn out to be a nice receiver, he is just unnecessary for this offence. Benn is certainly an enigma when it comes to his draft stock, you will find him projected anywhere from the first round (20-32) to the third round. Personally I have him as a mid 2nd round prospect. A team with a need for a physical perimeter player could hit the jackpot, they could also pick up a player who will never be more than a compliment. I like Benn as a prospective player for an NFL team, I like his physicality, it's just the Jets don't need this player.

Video Highlights

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