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Jets Flight Connections 021010

Rich Cimini blogs about the make-believe parade.

Herman Edwards roots for the Jets.

SNY asks which New York football team is better.

New York Post: QB Mark Sanchez makes Jets attractive for Mexico game.

Sporting News: WR Braylon Edwards has a low risk and high reward.

Braylon and Mark were at the party where Nelly got punched.

Find out which players would be RFAs without a 2010 salary cap.


More connections after the jump.


Mike Florio realizes he's an a-hole who pisses off everyone.

Peter King's article briefly mentions the Jets.

This kid hopes to play for the Jets next season.

C Nick Mangold's mom and her team won their weight loss competition.

Former Jets QB Glenn Foley will coach Valley Forge Military Academy. has a video of the season in review.

Yahoo Sports: Super Bowl XLV odds are anyone's guess.

Here is Herm on ESPN:


Mark did an interview with Fox before the Super Bowl:


And another video from CB Darrelle Revis's best friend John Geiger: