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Donte Stallworth: Pursue or No?

The Jets could use an upgrade in the slot. Donte Stallworth is sure to be a cheap option. Stallworth is essentially a wealthy man's David Clowney. He's a vertical threat and doesn't add much else. As recently as 2007, he registered 46 catches, 697 yards, and 3 touchdowns in New England's historic offense. He has a career average of just under 15 yards per catch. Stallworth will probably never live up to his top fifteen pick in 2002 billing, but he has added a dimension to passing attacks.

His two year stint with the Browns was very disappointing. Battling injuries in 2008, Donte caught only 17 balls for 170 yards. Amazingly enough, that was the better of his two years in Cleveland. Stallworth was suspended the entire 2009 season by the league because of an arrest and conviction for DUI Manslaughter. He got behind the wheel of a car drunk and hit a man, Mario Reyes, killing him. Stallworth's BAC was .12%. He plead out and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

There's a lot we can take from that incident that is not football related regarding the media and the work of our criminal justice system, particularly compared with the treatment guys like Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress. Neither of those guys did anything to result in harm to another human being. Stallworth's reckless and criminal actions resulted in the death of a man. He got off far easier than the other two.I just say this is a case where it is difficult to separate my personal feelings from my football feelings on this one. I don't want Stallworth. I don't think there's anything more reprehensible than putting the lives of others in danger by driving drunk. It shows you don't care at all about shattering the lives of others. I am also troubled by Stallworth only serving a month in jail. You can't tell me that if a man with Mario Reyes' fame and financial means killed a man with Stallworth's by driving drunk that he would have gotten a month.

I do not want to have to root for Donte Stallworth. I understand people make mistakes. There's a difference between an honest mistake and killing a man because you show such disregard for others. At any rate, you have to wonder where he's at. He hasn't played in over a year. It's been two years since he's been productive. There's are major questions whether he can contribute. There are safer options that would bring much less negative PR hits. I don't see Woody Johnson signing off on a Stallworth signing the year he opens his new stadium.

I vote do not pursue.