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Torry Holt: Pursue or No?

It's not crazy to suggest Torry Holt may be in the Hall of Fame one day. He was quietly one of the greatest receivers of a generation. The seven time Pro Bowler was voted to the NFL's All Decade team. He posted six consecutive 1,300 yard seasons and eight consecutive 1,110 yard years. He never caught less than 82 balls in any of those seasons and has 920 career receptions. The reason he didn't get more hype was because of how business like he was. He never tried to draw attention to himself like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, or Chad Johnson. Holt kind of faded to the background and never got his due. He's a lot like Curtis Martin.

The last two years have seen Holt decline. He has 115 receptions, 1,518 yards, and 3 touchdowns in that span. Those numbers aren't as good as the single season stats he posted in 2003. The numbers aren't horrible by any stretch of the imagination, though. While Holt is in decline, he can still give a team something as a receiver. The Jaguars still appear poised to release him, though.

Think about what the Jets would need Holt to do. He could work out of the slot with Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery starting on the outside. Holt has lost a lot of his ability to gain separation. He's not a deep threat. He still runs great routes and has some of the league's best hands. I know you may be thinking, "Holt's in decline and isn't what he used to be." You're right, but the Jets need a guy with Holt's attributes to work the slot, not serve as a number one receiver.

Think of the leader Holt can be. He'd be a great locker room influence. He has a ring, which would command him a lot of respect. He could take a young receiver like Braylon Edwards under his wing and make him better. Do you think it's an accident a raw talent like Mike Sims-Walker seemed to refine his game and broke out with Holt mentoring him?

I'm in favor of filling as many holes as possible in free agency. Go into the Draft with minimal needs. I think one of the biggest mistakes teams make in the Draft is passing on superior players to reach for a need. It hurts in the long run. If the Jets sign a guy like Holt to fill the slot, they could still use a pick on Jordan Shipley or Golden Tate if either fell to 29 and was the best available. They just wouldn't have the same pressure to reach for another guy if both were selected.

I tend to think the Jets would have a shot to land Holt on a one year deal. He's made his money. He knows he's near the end of the line. Maybe he'd be willing to take on a reduced role for a shot at another ring. He's also friendly with Jerricho Cotchery. The pair owns just about every receiving record at NC State, where both played in college. I don't think I would break the bank, but I'd definitely look into signing him.

I vote pursue. Let's be clear, though. I want him for the slot, not to replace Braylon Edwards. I'm not sure he could do the job there.

How do you vote?