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Scouting The Draft: Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

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I love Jordan Shipley, there it is, it's out there now. Obviously talking about his game, but this guy is going to be a slot stud at the next level. I have no doubt about that.. He already has the skills to come in and start from day one, in the slot. He is never going to be a number one receiver, but I really hate that phrase. Welker is the Patriots number one receiver for me, and he works from the slot.

Shipley has so much going for him he could well sneak into the late first round, personally have him going in the first 10 picks of the 2nd round, potential to move back a few spots and take him, or just select him straight up. He has the talent, and he has the work ethic.

Sometimes in a draft you get that bad feeling about someone, something that just screams at you that the player is not going to be successful, like nrmax88 with Joe Haden. Then there are times where you just have that feeling that someone is going to be special, one of those rare players that comes around every now and then that just turn into the cream of the crop.

"He’s awesome," Colorado Coach Dan Hawkins said of Shipley in a telephone interview. "He’s obviously very talented, but he’s got that divine spark."

I get that with Shipley.

Career Stats

2004- (RS)

2005- (Didn't qualify for any stats)

2006- 13 games played, 16 receptions, 229 yards, 4 TD's, 14.3 yards per catch

2007- 13 games played, 27 receptions, 417 yards, 5 TD's, 15.4 yards per catch

2008- 13 games played, 89 receptions, 1,060 yards, 11 TD's, 11.9 yards per catch

2009- 14 games played, 116 receptions, 1,485 yards, 13 TD's 12.8 yards per catch, 2 punts returned for TD

Career Achievements & Awards

2009- Big 12 Championship Winner

Single game record for receptions with 15: 2008 (v #6 Oklahoma State)

2008 All Big 12 Second Team Selection

2009 All Big 12 First Team Selection

2009 All American (Associated Press, Walter Camp, Sporting News,,

2009 Finalist for Fred Biletnikoff Award

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So what does Shipley do well?

Extremely quick off the snap, reaches top speed in just a few steps. Has fluid hips, and turns on a nickel. Works well underneath. Very difficult to cover as his cuts are crisp and quick. Very elusive in the open field, picks up a lot of yards after the catch. Has no problem going over the middle, is as tough as nails and puts his body on the line to make the catch (remind you of anyone). Has the best hands in the draft, 'hands down'. Will catch nearly every ball thrown his way that are on target. Uses his hands very well against press coverage, often beats the corner with his first step, then uses his hand to swat away any attempt to bump the route. A very good route runner, second best in the class behind Williams for me, ran a lot of difficult routes at Texas. Has good speed, plays very fast, looks quicker with the ball in his hands. Has very good recognition of plays being called, could be used on screens because a big strength of Shipley is finding gaps and creases and slicing straight through them. Has extremely good balance. Can be used in the blocking game, uses his hands well while blocking as well as he does when trying to get off any press coverage.

What does Shipley need to improve on?

Doesn't have elite down-field speed, won't be able to maintain separation past 20 yards or so. Doesn't have prototypical size sitting at just 6'0 and 190lb's. Doesn't have the best vertical, won't be used on fade throws in the end zone any time soon. May take a beating at the next level going over the middle with his size. I really can't see that many weaknesses in his game outside of his speed and size, and they in my opinion are not a major concern. I guess if you are pushing, the fact he is 23 already may be an issue for some.

Final Word

After watching him, I have no idea why people are not touting him in the first round already. He does everything you want pretty well. Granted he won't make the most athletic plays on the ball, but for a team looking for a slot receiver. He would be a great grab. He works underneath, he has great hands, he runs crisp routes, he is elusive. I would be delighted if we could move back and select him. Not sure who I would prefer between him and Tate and I'm a ND fan, so that shows how much I think of Shipley. If we ended up taking him I would be delighted with it, he could come in straight away and make a difference. Has a good head on his shoulders, and likes to look at the minute details, him and Brian Schottenheimer could become best friends.

Video Highlights

My Top 5 (In no particular order right now)

Jordan Shipely

Golden Tate

Perrish Cox

Jared Odrick

Brandon Graham

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