Ending All This Asomugha Talk

Let me start by saying that Nnamdi Asomugha is overrated and the Jets would be asinine to attempt to acquire him considering how much they would have to offer. I'm not saying that he isn't good - because he certainly has his positives - but all this attention he's been getting is a little bit ridiculous considering his stat sheet. And for God's sake, please don't ever compare him to Revis.

Why, you ask? Well, since he's been touted as a 'shutdown corner' alongside Revis, it would be advantageous to first actually define what 'shutdown corner' actually means. In my eyes, a SC is defined primarily by one thing: stopping completions in his area of coverage, rather than making a play after the completion is made. Assuming the opposing QB throws a catchable ball, this means a SC must either defense the pass, make an interception, or be intimidating enough to force the QB to throw the ball to another receiver. Following this, the statistical metrics that would define a good SC are (1) percentage of receptions completed into the CB's coverage, (2) passes defensed, (3) interceptions, and (4) number of times the player was thrown at in coverage.

Now let's look at the stats (ProFootballFocus) from the 2009 regular season:

Player -------------- % Caught -- # PD -- Ints -- Thrown at
Nnamdi Asomugha -- 75% ------ 2 ----- 1 -------- 28
Darrelle Revis --------- 36.9% --- 23 ---- 6 ------- 111

Honestly, do yourself a favor and just look at the link to the PFF stat page above and stare at those numbers for a few minutes. Not only does Nnamdi let three out of every four balls thrown his way get caught, but he's only intercepted the ball once all season and defenses only about 7% of passes (whereas Revis defenses about 21%). In fact, the only thing Asomugha has going for him is the fact that QBs just didn't throw at him very often, which might indicate that the intimidation factor is present. But upon further investigation, it's more likely because the Raiders are being thrown at less often!

I really could go on and on, but seriously since I looked at the PFF stats from the first link, I have trouble convincing myself that Asomugha is even a top 20 CB. People have been enamored with him since the 2006 season when he had 8 interceptions, but he's only had 3 total since then and the magic hasn't seemed to wear off. I'll just add insult to injury by saying that it's a bonafide travesty either Leon Hall or Johnathan Joseph didn't get voted into the Pro Bowl instead of Nnamdi.

So, moral of this story - please stop with all this 'OMFG REVIS + ASOMUGHA DOMINATIONNNNNN' garbage. Look for real CB talent (Kyle Wilson // Perrish Cox // Joe Haden) in the draft.

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