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Mangold Wants Long Term Security

With only one year left on Mangold's rookie deal, the pro bowl centre is looking for a little bit of security

Jets center Nick Mangold played in his second straight Pro Bowl on Sunday.  He made first-team All Pro in 2009.  And now he wants to get paid.

"I know -- and I hope -- they'll do the right thing," he told the New York Daily News. 

Mangold, 26, is widely considered the best young center in the game.  He hit an escalator for the final year of his rookie contract that will push his 2010 salary to $3.3 million.  The Rams made Jason Brown the NFL's highest paid center last offseason with a five-year, $37.5 million deal that includes $20 million guaranteed.

Mangold will likely pursue a deal similar to Brown's, if not larger.

We need to show him the money, this coming year without a cap is a perfect opportunity to get some extensions in which allows for a big first year. I don't blame Mangold for bringing this up, he is the best centre in football, and should be paid as such, $3.3 million is good money but not elite money. A deal similar to the one that Brown got would be fine with me. We have a young team and a lot of players we are going to want to lock up long term, so we have to be intelligent.

If there is one guy I trust with the salary cap it's Mike T, I just hope we can get it done before TC