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Week 14 Rooting Guide

Our favorite quarterback not named Mark Sanchez this week
Our favorite quarterback not named Mark Sanchez this week

Chicago over New England: The Jets did themselves a lot of harm in the division race Monday. They can still win the AFC East but need help. A Bears win would provide some of that.

Kansas City over San Diego: Any scenario that involves the Jets clinching a Playoff spot this weekend involves a San Diego loss.

Tennessee over Indianapolis: One path to clinching involves a Colts loss.

Oakland over Jacksonville (But really root for a tie): A path to clinching this weekend involves a Jaguars loss if the Jets win or a Raiders loss if the Jets tie. The Jets win scenario is more likely, but a tie in this game would help the Jets in any scenario as much as a loss for either team.

Cincinnati over Pittsburgh: The Jets will probably have to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh to beat them out for seeding assuming either both finish first or both finish second in their respective divisions. A Steelers losing streak would be the other option for the Jets going ahead.

Houston over Baltimore: The Jets currently lead the Ravens by a game for the fifth seed in the AFC Playoffs. Given how strong the Wild Card teams could be, that fifth seed could be important. It's not at all a stretch to say an AFC Championship Game pitting the 5 against the 6 in the AFC is a possibility.