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Game Against Miami Dolphins Is a Big One for New York Jets

Some people like to stick to statistics and X's and O's when it comes to football analysis. I think those are important, but football is also an emotional game where there are plenty of intangibles. That is why I am interested in what we will see out of the Jets Sunday against the Dolphins.

We haven't really seen this Jets team totally click aside from the second half of Week 2 against New England. The fact the team is still 9-3 despite this is a testament to how much talent is on the roster and how much potential is there.

Last night's game was humiliating. It should have served as a wakeup call to the guys in the locker room. Perhaps it was the kick in the pants this team needed to start playing good football. If we see a dominating performance on Sunday, a blowout to get this team rolling, we might see a fury unleashed on the league. I wouldn't complain with another tight win. How could anybody complain about 10-3? Still, considering how little fight the Jets showed last night, if a game like that couldn't provide a team with some fire, can anything? We might have to wonder.

A loss would make all of those alarm bells people are sounding legitimate. With a difficult two game road trip to Pittsburgh and Chicago on the horizon, a two game losing streak would stoke legitimate fears of a 2008 type collapse.

We'll see what happens. It should be telling.