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New York Jets at New England Patriots Game Thread

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This game needs no additional hype. The Jets head to Foxborough to take on their bitter rival tonight. First place in the division is on the line. First place in the conference is on the line. First place in the entire league is on the line. The winner has the inside track to the top seed in the AFC Playoffs. The loser has a long fight over the season's final quarter to get back in the division race and some kind of home Playoff games.

Is the importance of the game a bit overblown? I would argue it is. It's less significant than when the Jets were literally playing for their lives at the end of the regular season last year. It's not bigger than a Playoff game. The loser will still be alive and likely to make the Playoffs. I also think both of these teams are good enough to win three road games in the Playoffs. Don't get me wrong, though. This is bigger than your normal Week 13 game, and winning two home games would be a heck of a lot easier.

Leave your thoughts below.

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Welcome to both our regulars and all guests rooting for the Jets for the night.