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Talking Points Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Tonight

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Given the crew calling the game, this feature will for the first time have a few statements that don't begin with, "You know."

(After a big play by Danny Woodhead) You know, Danny Woodhead was undrafted out of a Division II school. The Jets waived him, and he ended up in New England. Think the Jets wish they had him back? (Uproarious laughter)

Let me tell you something. This guy (Tom Brady) is just a great quarterback. This guy reminds me of Joe Montana. I'd love to coach this guy.

I'm going to say something bold to you, Jaws. This guy (Bill Belichick) will make the Hall of Fame as a coach.

You know, Bill Belichick was supposed to coach the Jets, but he left to take the New England job.

You know, Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan have very different styles.

You know, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls since 2001. Now the Jets are trying to overtake them.

Man, this guy (Santonio Holmes) can run a route. This guy is like Cris Carter out there.

This guy (Darrelle Revis) is one of the best corners in the game.