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Pre Play Sports Presents Jets vs. Dolphins Tickets


In case you lose out on our ticket drawing, there is another chance to win Jets-Dolphins tickets through a contest GGN is not running. The good people at Pre Play Sports, a new app company, are sending 50 people to check out the Jets against the Dolphins next Sunday in the Meadowlands.

Pre Play Sports is a brand new app company created by Jets fans for Jets fans, and they’re sending 50 people to the December 12th Dolphins vs. Jets game for free as part of their Sunday Night Miracle ticket giveaway. They’ve made it really easy to snag a ticket through their Facebook promotion – all you have to do is register, download (the app is free!), and play while you watch any NFL game on TV to become part of the contest.

But what's in it for them? Well, they’ve launched an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app on iTunes that lets fans predict the outcomes of plays in an NFL game, live as they occur, and the company is anxious to know what hardcore fans think – especially when they play at the stadium. So go ahead, check out this incredible offer, start calling plays while the quarterback is still in the huddle, and get on your way to see the Jets crush the Dolphins next week.

Go to their Facebook page for more information.