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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Ticket Prices for Monday Night Game

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Thinking of making last minute plans to go see tomorrow's game? I know of at least one GGN member who is going. Anybody who makes that trip has guts. Going to a big game like this as a visiting fan likely means getting heckled miserably, especially if the outcome doesn't turn out the right way.

A site called SeatGeek compiles ticket information. As you might imagine, a ticket to this game will cost you. The average ticket is $232.10. Take a look to how that compares with other Monday nighters this season.

Week 1 Ravens at Jets - $213.40

Week 1 Chargers at Chiefs - $139.01
Week 2 Saints at 49ers - $153.39
Week 3 Packers at Bears - $280.61
Week 4 Patriots at Dolphins - $140.68
Week 5 Vikings at Jets - $202.30
Week 6 Titans at Jaguars - $89.62
Week 7 Giants at Cowboys - $225.47
Week 8 Texans at Colts - $126.656
Week 9 Steelers at Bengals - $160.70
Week 10 Eagles at Redskins - $152.042
Week 11 Broncos at Chargers - $144.39
Week 12 49ers at Cardinals - $103.53
Week 13 Jets at Patriots - $232.310

Yes, you read that correctly. This game costs more than the most hyped opener in Jets history, which was also the team's first game in a new stadium. The only game that cost more was a similarly big game between two other bitter divisional rivals, Packers at Bears.

My advice is to sit at home, watch the game on better television angles with the advantage of replay and not have to put up with New England fans.

If you do not listen to my advice, be warned you will be paying a lot of money.