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New York Jets Fined $100K For Sal Alosi Tripping Incident

We finally have closure on one of the most over-blown stories of this season.

According to Jenny Vrentas and NJ Star-Ledger, the Jets organization has been fined $100,000 for Sal Alosi's conduct in the game Vs. Miami Dolphins.

The NFL said in a statement that the Jets were found to have violated league rules by forming a sideline "wall" during punt return, a tactic the league said was both a "competitive violation" and "dangerous." Players said Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, who tripped a Dolphins player along the sideline in that game, instructed them to stand in that manner.

Remember, Alosi was fined and suspended by the Jets after the incident occurred.

The Jets, reportedly, will not dispute the decision. "We will comply with the league's decision," a Jets spokesperson said.

Interesting. So Jets get fined DOUBLE what Brett Favre got for stalking and texting pictures to a game host. That sounds fair...