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Report: Mark Sanchez Likely To Start On Sunday

After a lot of debate this week on what head coach Rex Ryan should do about his quarterback, a decision has been made.

According to Jenny Vrentas and NJ Star-Ledger,QB Mark Sanchez will start in the Jets regular-season finale Vs. Buffalo Bills.

"He's got a good thing going right now, and he's comfortable and I just wanted to keep that going," Ryan said. "And the other thing is thinking we could be playing a Saturday game and ... now all of a sudden you're on a short week, so I think that's really what went into my decision."

My Take:

We've discussed this all week, and it really is a tough decision. Normally, you want to rest your quarterback in Week 17 if you get the option. Furthermore, Sanchez is recovering from some shoulder soreness and it's a bit risky to play him before the postseason even begins.

On the other hand, Sanchez and the Jets' offense has been terrible coming off a layoff, and are 0-3 in those games (failing to score an offensive touchdown in each one). They've looked out of rhythm in said games; out of sync.

As risky as it may be, I think it's the right decision. The Jets must keep momentum going into the postseason as they did last season; and maybe, just maybe, they'll make another legendary run.