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Jim Leonhard Is A Warrior; There's No Time To Waste, He's Having Surgery Tonight

Jimmy Leonhard is as tough as nails. In order to try to return for the tail-end of the postseason, he will be having surgery at Morristown Hospital tonight, AP News is reporting.

I think DC Mike Pettine said it best in a statement earlier:

"I just think we were all crushed," defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said. "He's such a tough guy and normally he bounces back, bounces right up from stuff."    

As Rob stated earlier, SS Jim Leonhard collided with teammate, WR Patrick Turner during practice today. AP News writer Dennis Waszak is reporting the team announced that Leonhard's tibia was scheduled to be operated on at Morristown Memorial Hospital, located a few miles from the Jets' training facility. Team spokesman Bruce Speight said the shin bone did not break the skin, and there was no damage to Leonhard's fibula, ankle or knee.

At times, the 5'8" Leonhard has struggled in coverage against tight ends this year. However, he has always been very good in run support this year and is very consistent. You generally know what you're going to get from him week in, week out. He's also a very smart blitzer, as his football IQ is very high.

And no one is going to question Leonhard's work ethic. (Similar in a lot of ways to RB Danny Woodhead, but a veteran version.)

Still don't believe Leonhard could come back for the postseason? Check this Tweet by The Record's JP Pelzman.

 J.P. Pelzman 
 by NYJetsMatt
FWIW, Terrell Owens suffered broken fibula on 12/19/04, played 49 days later in SB 39. NYJ's Leonhard suffered broken tibia today.


Leonhard knows we have a Super Bowl to win this year, and he's doing all he can to get back out there and back in action (hopefully) for the end of the postseason. Jim Leonhard is one scrappy, tough player.