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Schefter: Brad Smith may Not be Back in 2011

I'm gonna make so much money!!!! Yippie!!!
I'm gonna make so much money!!!! Yippie!!!

I'm on a roll today. I dug up another juicy nugget that has gone undected, mostly because I still have ESPN insider (which I keep forgetting to unsubscribe too). Luckily for you all, I am forgetful and was able to read Adam Schefter's "10 Spot", which included a piece on the Jets contract situation with their recievers. Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Brad Smith are all on the final year of their contract. Many other key players, such as Antonio Cromartie and David Harris are also on their last year. 

per Schefter:

 Like Holmes and Edwards, Smith also is in the last year of his contract. Unlike his wide receiver teammates, the Jets know that Smith is likely to receive a strong offer from another team and they will be unable to keep him. Chances are, this is Smith's last season with the Jets. At least he is making it a memorable one.

Usually, Schefter's word is gold, and it's basically a done deal. However, I think he overlooks a few points. One, Brad's role as a reciever is not nearly as big as his role on Special Teams combined with his "Tigercat" package. These roles are almost exclusive to the Jets; in other words, other teams will not be able to get nearly as much production out of Smith because Smith knows the offense so well. As a reciever, Smith is very average. I am not sure if other teams are willing to spend a lot of money on a guy who is more of a role-player than a supremely talented reciever.

So I guess the Raiders will be interested. 

Either way, I suspect these guys want to play for Rex, and may be willing to take slightly less to stay in New York, especially Braylon. Of the possible free agents, I think Santonio Holmes has the best chance to leave. 

Going against what Schefter predicts is almost as dangerous as betting against Peyton Manning. It's breaking the most basic laws of the league, but I have to in this case. 

I also expect David Harris to be franchised.