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Fan expectations for the Jets in the post season

I'm curious as to what you fans think about the Jets and their upcoming run at the Super Bowl. While I'm not disappointed in this team, I can honestly say my expectations aren't sky high. I'm not hopping on the "Same Old Jets" bandwagon of misery, but I'll venture to say that this Jets team isn't as good as hyped up to be by Rex Ryan, especially on defense.

The offense is what I thought it was going to be, a talented group of players with a QB that sometimes holds them back and other times powers the team to a win. The defense however is falling apart. It could be the opposing teams growing familiar with Rex Ryan's scheme or it could be the lack of players designed to fit the scheme, either way this defense is shaky at best. Especially after the loss of Jim Leonhard, the Jets ability this year in coverage is severely lacking.

All in all, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Jets post season chance for success. Our offense seems to be pulling it together and it appears Shottenheimer has improved his play calling. However, the defense which was supposed to be the corner-stone of this franchise is turning into the weak link. This Jets team will go as far as the defense and Mark Sanchez can take us.

Lets hear your expectations in the comments!