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Will Tuesday Night Football Become an NFL Fixture?

I feel like the NFL might have fallen into something by pushing back the Vikings-Eagles game to tonight. It brings up the question of why the league does not play more Tuesday night games.

I know it gives the teams a short week coming up. The thing is the league already schedules Thursday games. A team playing on Thursday has three days of rest if it played on the previous Sunday. A team playing on Tuesday has four days of rest to the next Sunday.

I also think there is demand. People like football. That is why you can see small conference college football games regularly on ESPN during weeknights of the college football season. I don't think NFL fans would complain about another primetime game.

It would give the league another package of games to sell to a television network. The league could also just keep the games on NFL Network. Another slate of games would give the league more leverage in negotiating with cable and satellite providers on the network's behalf.

I think the blizzard in Philadelphia this week might lead to more Tuesday games. There are plenty of reasons to believe the NFL might explore this further. What do you think?