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The Airing of Grievances

December 23 marks the celebration known as Festivus, a holiday created by Frank Costanza when he realized there must be a better way than fighting for a doll as a Christmas gift for his son George.

An integral part of the celebration is the Airing of Grievances, where one tells loved ones all the ways they have disappointed in the past year. Dinner is ready. Let us go from the living room with the aluminum pole into the dining room for what has become a holiday tradition here. It is time for the third annual Gang Green Nation Airing of Grievances. I will now tell the Jets all the ways they have disappointed me.

Brian Schottenheimer: I'm not sure where to begin here. How about with your handling of your young quarterback? You have called too many passes for him with a high degree of difficulty. You put too much on him. Why call two plays and force him to read the defense to decide which to run? What is with the constant shifting that does not confuse the defense and only risks penalties? Why send Matthew Mulligan and Ben Hartsock on pass routes with your talented receivers on the bench? What is with all of the illogical calls like Brad Smith option on 3rd and 15 during Week 3? That is one of many examples. Good work giving Wayne Hunter help against Lamarr Woodley, but what took so long? Why didn't you do that against Mario Williams or Cameron Wake? I could be here all night.

Rex Ryan: I don't mind the bravado. A little more humility would be nice, but I think it instills the team with confidence more than anything. I do mind the constant misuse of timeouts or how bad the team looks in 2:00 situations. I don't care that it's on the offensive side of the ball. You are the head coach of the whole team, not the defensive side. It's your job to correct things.

Mark Sanchez: Consistency is the name of the game. We need more games like the ones you played against New England early and less like the ones you played against New England late. Three of the four losses this year can be laid directly at your feet.

Braylon Edwards: How do you get arrested the week of a big divisional game. Don't you make enough money to get a cab? Doesn't the league provide a free car service? Couldn't you have left your car behind or paid somebody to drive it home?

Santonio Holmes: Great work for the most part, but a guy with your hands should not have as many drops as you do.

Dustin Keller: You have enough natural ability to be a top five pass catching tight end. Why do we only see flashes of it? Only so much goes on the quarterback.

Bart Scott: You can be aggressive without committing stupid personal foul penalties.

Antonio Cromartie: You have more physical ability than even Darrelle Revis. You should never play as lousily as you did against Baltimore and Miami early in the year or against the Patriots as you did a few weeks ago. Learn how to use your hands. If you started bumping guys at the line with your strength,

Drew Coleman: Your play has improved quite a bit, but the AFC Championship Game took place since last December 23. Your struggles that day helped cost the Jets a trip to the Super Bowl.

Dwight Lowery: You were the other big culprit in that loss to the Colts.

Brodney Pool: Your lack of impact plays is making the front office look bad for trading Kerry Rhodes.

Nick Folk: Your struggles are scaring people.

Mike Tannenbaum: Good work overall, but a contending team one heartbeat from starting Mark Brunell has not adequately addressed the backup quarterback spot.

Robert Turner: A guy who talks as much trash and makes as many borderline dirty hits as anybody on the roster should probably have a bigger role than backup lineman and see the field more than on jumbo sets and special teams.

Vernon Gholston: We are to the point where it is considered an accomplishment if you get close to the quarterback.

Sal Alosi: If you are the strength and conditioning coach, you do not want anybody to know your name. If they do, it is probably because you have done something very wrong. I have sympathy for people who make honest mistakes. I do not have any for a guy who shows such reckless and callous disregard for the safety of a player.

Leave yours below.