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Week 16 Rooting Guide

Carolina over Pittsburgh: If the Steelers lose, they will drop out of the AFC North driver's seat. They would potentially be looking at a Wild Card and a half game and a tiebreaker behind the Jets in the final two weeks. The Jets would have a great shot at getting the 5 seed instead of the 6.

Buffalo over New England: It's last call for the AFC East title and the 1 seed. Any slim hopes the Jets have of getting either ride partially with the Bills.

Washington over Jacksonville: A Jaguars loss clinches a Playoff spot for the Jets. I'm sorry to those of you who every week say we should want the Jaguars to win the South over the Colts. My priorities are the Jets making it and getting as high of a seed as possible. I can't tell you how many times I see fans hope to get Opponent X over Opponent Y in the Playoffs only to get their wish and watch Opponent X beat their team. If you are in the Playoffs, you will face a really good team every week (unless you're facing this year's NFC West Champion). Worry about getting in.

Cleveland over Baltimore: This would be the other way of landing the 5 seed. The Ravens are tied with the Jets right now for that seed and own the head to head tiebreaker.

Oakland over Indianapolis: A Colts loss clinches a Playoff spot for the Jets.