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Mark Sanchez Has Cartilage Tear In Right Shoulder; Will Play Vs. Bears

QB Mark Sanchez had an MRI on Monday, and the results have revealed a slight cartilage tear in his right (throwing) shoulder.

NYDN's Manish Mehta broke the news just minutes ago:

The Daily News has learned that Sanchez has a slight cartilage tear in his right shoulder. Sanchez admitted that "it didn't feel right" when he landed awkwardly on his throwing shoulder during a first-quarter run. Whether the cartilage damage will hamper the second-year quarterback for the remainder of the season is unclear. Rex Ryan revealed on Monday that Sanchez underwent a precautionary MRI on Monday.   

Sanchez maintained during his session with the media on Wednesday that he'll absolutely play against the Bears on Sunday. Rex Ryan was "99 percent sure" that Sanchez will start. 

I think you play him against the Bears and play for the victory in an attempt to rest him in week 17 Vs. Buffalo Bills. Remember, if the Jets win this week, they will lock up a postseason berth. Still, it's something to watch for during the remainder of the season.