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Mike Tannenbaum On FootGate: 'A Personal Matter'

Yesterday, DeadSpin reported about the similarities between a woman who posts "foot fetish" videos on YouTube and Rex Ryan's wife, Michelle.

We chose not to link in to this article, because we wanted to give the Jets organization the chance to comment. They did just that, today. According to the NY Post, GM Mike Tannenbaum shined some light on the subject.

"(Owner) Woody Johnson and I have met with Rex," general manager Mike Tannenbaum said in the statement. "This is a personal matter, and he has our full support."


For the guys that missed the "FootGate" talk yesterday, I'll sum this up as best I can. Or, if you choose, read the article on DeadSpin (here).

DeadSpin reported about a woman who had the YouTube user ID, IHavePrettyFeet, that had a striking resemblance to Michelle Ryan. It really does look like her, FWIW. IHavePrettyFeet made a barrage of foot fetish videos, with the camera zooming in on her massaging her feet and things of that nature.

Furthermore, IhavePrettyFeet subscribed to a foot fetish dating site, and the location was listed as Ellicott City, Md., where Ryan used to reside when he was an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens.

My Take:

This "issue" is exactly as Tannenbaum describes it -- a personal matter. It's none of our business.

Thanks a lot, Tiger Woods. You have now given media outlets the go-ahead to stalk and obsess over athletes' and coaches' personal lives. This is only going to get worse, and we could be looking at a future segueing away from what athletes do on the field, to what they do off the field. To me, that's ridiculous.

Sports journalism used to be about covering sports for the general public; it's now about "exposing" and "digging." I personally don't care about what these people do in their personal lives, as long as it doesn't affect the team. This clearly doesn't, and was probably first discovered by some lonely Patriots Or Giants fan. Maybe even fat Mike Francesa himself?
(UPDATE: It was actually a Bills fan, per DeadSpin's editor-in-chief, AJ Daulerio)

Until we hear something outlandish like cleats and digital cameras being stolen from the locker room, I think it's best to put this stupid "issue" to rest. What Rex chooses to do with his wife is none of our business, and we should respect that. Here at GGN, we are doing just that.

This team is 10-4, head coach Rex Ryan is doing a damn good job.