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Who is the "unsung Hero" of the Jets win?

In a yesterday's game, the Jets largely won the battle for field position. Most of this was due to excellent punts from Steve Weatherford. On multiple occasions Steve pinned the Steelers deep in their own territory inside the 10 yard line. While the Steelers did sustain drives of over 90 yards because of the Jets defensive inabilities, Steve's punts also resulted in a game changing safety. Without the safety, the Steelers would have been able to send the game into OT with simply a field goal.

If you haven't looked at the stats sheet yesterday, Drew Coleman recorded 10 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Those are some pretty incredible stats and it goes to a player who often times goes unnoticed. If a bigger star recorded these numbers, ESPN would probably be talking about it today.

Wayne Hunter filled in for Damien Woody and he did it well. The Jets offensive line allowed a whooping ZERO sacks to the daunting Pittsburgh defense. The offensive line in general was a huge difference maker in this game. When looking back at the Miami game to yesterday's game, there was a huge improvement. Sanchez was on his butt for half of the Miami game, but when the Jets gave him time against Pitt, he proved he can make smart decisions.

I don't know if Brad Smith can necessarily go as unsung, but he is damn good. Rex Ryan was right yesterday, Smith absolutely does deserve a spot in the Pro-Bowl for his special teams efforts this season. He is a terrific player that always manages to give the Jets a spark in a variety of ways.


So take the poll below and let Gang Green Nation know who you think the Unsung Hero of Jets vs Steelers was!