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Week 13 Rooting Guide

Pittsburgh over Baltimore: Both teams are running neck and neck with the Jets for seeding in the AFC Playoff race. They are tied entering this game. There are a few differences. The Ravens already own a head to head win over the Jets. The Jets will have a chance to gain ground on the Steelers when they play in a few weeks. Therefore, the preference is to have Pittsburgh closer in the standings than Baltimore.

Cleveland over Miami: I understand it's a longshot that the Dolphins will catch the Jets, but it's worth rooting against them until they are officially done. It would also be better to not have them entering next week's game feeling like they have hope of getting on a run and back in the race.

Dallas over Indianapolis: In case the Pats take the division, the Jets don't need Peyton Manning to get on a roll and breathe up their necks for a potential Wild Card spot. Since Dallas is an NFC team, there's no downside to pulling for them.

Denver over Kansas City: There are a lot of teams the Jets own a huge lead over in the AFC Playoff race but aren't out of the woods in mathematical terms. The Chiefs are one of them and playing an also ran that cannot hurt Gang Green.

Oakland over San Diego: Read the last explanation and substitute Chargers for Chiefs.

Tennessee over Jacksonville: Read the last explanation and substitute Jaguars for Chargers.