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Rex to Tomlin: "We'll play again"

Apparently this game has boosted Rex's playoff hopes as it has mine as well. If you didn't capture the post game handshake between Rex and Tomlin, the two exchanged some kind words as they look forward to a future post season match-up:

-Video via Barstool NY


My heart is still pounding from that win. The Jets never cease to amaze me. It's a roller coaster ride every week of the season. We may very well end up playing the Pittsburgh Steelers again during the playoffs, and this win definitely gave the Jets the confidence they needed to make a playoff run. There are two huge games left that could put the Jets in an excellent spot to make a Super Bowl run. There are some concerns that went along with this game but I got what I wanted for Christmas, a Jets win. Merry Christmas Jets fans, merry fricking Christmas!