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I'm actually optimistic about tomorrow's game

I'll admit, after the past two losses I've acted a little bit like the world was coming to an end. It's not end though, and neither is the Jets season. At 9-4 this team is still very much alive. Granted we have difficult games approaching against some pretty stout opponents, but we didn't make it to 9 wins from pixy dust.

People are acting this week like we are going to get romped in Pittsburgh. Yes, they have a pretty solid defense but there are exploitable holes. Trying to run against the Steelers is kind of like trying to run through a brick wall, it just doesn't work. However, passing against the Steelers isn't nearly as difficult as people try to make it seem. The Steelers got ripped apart by Tom Brady and the Pats for 39 points and they should have lost to the Bills if God didn't do Stevie Johnson wrong all the time. If we spread the Steelers out, we can exploit the huge holes they have in their secondary. Santonio, Braylon and Dustin Keller all provide match-up problems that the Jets can use to their advantage.

I don't know if anyone has been paying attention either. But the Steelers offense has been playing as bad as the Jets offense lately. The only difference is the Steelers defense has been putting points on the board and the Jets hasn't. We really do have a shot at beating the Steelers right now. Heath Miller is out, Polamalu is out and those are two huge blows for Pitt.

You gotta believe Jets fans...