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Jets Flight Connections 12-17-10


The running backs and fullbacks may need to catch the ball out of the backfield on Sunday.

Second downs have not been successful for Gang Green's offense.

The Jets haven't scored a touchdown this month.

HC Rex Ryan comments about profanity on HBO's NHL reality show.  Puck that.

OC Brian Schottenheimer understands the criticism.

QB Mark Sanchez isn't always at his best in the cold.

OL Wayne Hunter will no longer be the best back up in the league on Sunday, as he will be a starter.

WR Santonio Holmes hopes for a warm welcome back at Heinz Field.

WR Braylon Edwards doesn't like Pittsburgh.  I wonder what CB Darrelle Revis has to say about that.

Revis has another sore hamstring.

SS Jim Leonhard has been getting around the facility on a scooter.

OLB Jason Taylor is amazed at the Steelers' success.

Jets Twit: Shut up and put up.

Jersey Jets Fan shows Patriots HC Bill Belichick on the sidelines.

Yahoo! shares video of The Rachel Maddow Show's reenactment of the sideline trip.

Don't forget to vote your favorite Jets to the Pro Bowl.

And while you're at it, vote for Max Strauss' entry so he can watch the game in Hawaii.

Former Jets DT Antonio Garay won with the Chargers last night.


Accentuating the positive, after the jump.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson donated food:


ILB Bart Scott and Jason the Jet helped feed the poor:


The Flight Boys bowled for charity:


Get back to where you once belonged:


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