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Jet Nation: It's Time to Stop Moping

I'm serious. It needs to stop. Around this fan base, you wouldn't know if it was 2010 or 2007. With this vibe around the organization, it's hard to imagine this team making any significant progress for the rest of the season.

Here's a video you should watch:

Listen closely to the siren. Think about the havok and chaos the Jets were about to unleash. Think of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden just looking at each other in the booth. You can't even hear Darrelle Revis' name being announced the place is so crazy. 

That's the attitude the Jets thrive on. Tom Jackson of ESPN said it best when he said this team is "built more on swagger than any other team."

Now, is this post going to help the Jets score more points? No, of course not. Will fans continue to worry their brains out until it becomes unhealthy? Yes. This is the same staff that scored enough points to outlast our uncharacteristic defensive struggles. Think to 2009. When they just needed to win a bunch of games in a row. It was right there, and they went ahead and took it. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost 2 games. Thats two whole weeks of losing. You probably have only washed you clothes once or twice in that span.You probably have only taken out recycling once. The NFL season is 17 weeks. May I point out that the Rex Ryan era, by record, is on the fastest start than any other coach in Jets history? May I remind you the QB has less than 30 NFL starts, 3 of which were playoff games? There is more upside on this team than anyone realizes. 

Here we sit, nearly a year later, with a better record, controlling our own destiny, with a more talented roster. Why the worry? The Jets will score a touchdown eventually. They will win another game. But geez, am I sick and tired of the constant whining and stress coming out of this team. Just go out and play Jets football.