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Week 15 Rooting Guide

San Francisco over San Diego: There is a lot of fear out there the Chargers could catch the Jets for a Wild Card spot. An NFC opponent leaves no harm in them losing.

Buffalo over Miami: The Jets still have breathing room over the Dolphins but missed a chance to put them away last week. That means we must root against Miami. This would have the added bonus of making it less likely Andrew Luck ends up in Buffalo.

New Orleans over Baltimore: Like I said last week, both Wild Card teams winning a pair of road games in the AFC Playoffs isn't out the question. That makes the difference between the 5 seed and the 6 seed matter.

Jacksonville over Indianapolis: One of these teams is going to win the AFC South. The other will compete for a Wild Card. If the Jaguars win, that team competing for the Wild Card, Indianapolis, is 7-7. If the Colts win, both Indy and Jacksonville will be 8-6.

St. Louis over Kansas City: The easiest path to avoid battling San Diego for a Playoff spot might be the Chargers overtaking the Chiefs in the AFC West.

Green Bay over New England: The chances of the Jets overtaking the Pats are slim. Slim might leave the building if Aaron Rodgers can't go for the Packers, but we can always hope for a miracle.