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It's not that the Jets are losing, it's how they're losing

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On the Jersey Jets Fan today, I wrote an article asking fans whether they felt Rex Ryan was on the Hot Seat. It seems like the positive feelings about this season are disappearing faster then anyone thought possible. Yet, it is almost comical when you look at the record because the Jets are still 9-4!

Something that has been bothering me (and I'm sure many of you fans as well) is not that the Jets have lost 4 ball games, its the way they have lost. We knew going into this season that we were ultimately going to lose a few games, but who would have thought our offense would look so inept in those games? We haven't scored a TD in each of the 4 loses! That is just absolutely unreal. Watching other football games when teams put up 4,5 even 6 TD's, and we can't even find the end-zone once is about as frustrating as it gets. 

Perhaps if we lost 4 nailbiters or at least games where we showed encouraging signs, the loses wouldn't have felt so bad. But each loss is getting worse then the next. The Jets offense has shown absolutely zero fight in any of the loses and it's almost silly to think that Brian Shottenheimer deserves a job next year. Granted I'm one of the chief "Fire Shotty" supporters here at GGN, but to think of an offense with so many weapons that scores so few points is simply mind boggling.

Rant. Over.