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Will the New York Jets Make Necessary Adjustments Without Damien Woody?

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We now know Damien Woody is likely out for the regular season. That means Wayne Hunter is your new starting right tackle.

We've discussed how the Jets seldom leave extra men in with Woody starting.

We've seen Hunter play mainly on his own against Mario Williams and Cameron Wake.

We know Pittsburgh is up next week with James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley, a difficult matchup no matter which one rushes. Chicago with Julius Peppers follows. Peppers picks the side he thinks is the easiest matchup. Guess which one he'll probably keep picking against the Jets. Israel Idonije is not an easy assignment either on Chicago's defensive line.

I ask you. Will the coaching staff adjust the offensive scheme to mitigate this weakness? Will we see tight ends and backs left in more consistently to help? Will we see so much as small chips? Will the Jets even consider going to their jumbo six package linemen on passing plays to help? Will they trust their talented receivers to get open to keep a skittish Mark Sanchez on his feet?

I won't pretend keeping extra guys in is anything less than a sacrifice, but it seems necessary. The wide receivers in the roster should be good enough to get open to leave an extra guy in helping Hunter more often. It takes away an option or two on a passing play, but there still should be others out there.

I ask you, though. Will the Jets and their offensive coordinator do it?