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NFL Week 14 Coverage Maps

CBS has a doubleheader today. FOX will show one game in each region. The Giants at Vikings game was supposed to be shown at 1:00 on FOX in New York, but it has been postponed to tomorrow night at 8:00 due to heavy snowfall in Minnesota preventing the Giants from arriving on time. The game will be shown on WNYW (FOX 5) in New York and on KMSP (FOX 9) in Minneapolis. FOX has replaced that game with another 1:00 game. The Jets play at home in the late afternoon slot. By rule FOX could not show another game in that timeslot in the home market of the Jets so it had to be an early game.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Packers at Lions early on FOX

Bengals at Steelers early on CBS

Dolphins at Jets late on CBS

Giants at Vikings tomorrow night at 8:00 PM on FOX

You will also be able to see the Jets if you live in New York State outside the Burlington, VT market, anywhere in Florida, or in the Mobile or Scranton markets.

The entire nation will see Eagles at Cowboys tonight on NBC and Ravens at Texans tomorrow on ESPN.

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