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New York Jets Should Line Jason Taylor Up Against Right Side of Miami Dolphins Line

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One of the things the Jets did which frustrated me Week 3 was their rotation of Jason Taylor from side to side when he rushed the passer. I'm fine with it against a generic team, but the Dolphins are not a generic team. Their left tackle is Jake Long. Long might be the best in the game at his position. Especially late in the game, Taylor was getting consistently stonewalled against Long.

When an opponent has a great corner, an offense usually does not throw the ball in that corner's direction. There's no point in wasting a down trying to complete a pass in that direction. On the same note, the Jets should not use up their best pass rusher on a guy he simply cannot beat.

Long has allowed 4 sacks, 3 hits, and 9 pressures all year long according to Pro Football Focus. Those are unreal numbers. That means he has been beaten badly enough to affect a play 16 times in 12 games. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, no slouch himself, has 24 combined sacks, hits, and pressures on him according to Focus.

Miami will be without its right tackle, Vernon Carey. Pat McQuistan will likely make his second career start at tackle. If the Jets want to create favorable matchups, they should line Taylor up on his side.