Mark Gastineau Helmet Giveaway Rules


-Each GGN member may only enter this contest once. One entry per member. - "NO SACKS" is an option which is selectable. If the Jets do record zero sacks, whomever chooses this option will win. In the Event that No One Guesses The Number Exactly… It will be decided by whomever comes closed to the number. Example: DE Vernon Gholston has 2 sacks in Sunday’s game. Let’s say Player A chooses DE Vernon Gholston, 1.5 sacks; And player B chooses DE Vernon Gholston 3 sacks…… Player A would win. If the correct player is guessed by multiple entrants, and no one comes closest to the actual number of sacks... (No one guesses the sack leader, no one comes closes to number..) The entrants who guess the player correctly will be thrown into a random number generator, and one of said entrants will be named the winner from that group. In The Event Of A Tie That Cannot Be Broken Any Other way If, for some incredibly weird reason the player who leads Jets in sacks is not guessed, the winner will be selected by a random number generator. We doubt it will come to this, though.