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New York Jets Must Be More Efficient In Red Zone To Beat New England Patriots

Went stat-hunting, and found a disconcerting one.

An hour ago, John posted a happy statistic; and informed us that the Patriots rank dead-last in the NFL against the pass, giving up 288.5 yards per game. Most of that can be attributed to the youth in their new-look secondary, as well as the loss of CB Leigh Bodden to injury.

However, I also found the Jets are tied (with St. Louis) for No. 29 in the NFL is red zone scoring percentage (40%). That's not good, and we must improve here.

The recipe for improvement? Keep it simple, Schotty.

  • More of the power-running game, but offensive line must also do a better job run-blocking and creating holes when deep.
  • The above will open it up for TE Dustin Keller on play-action, who needs to see more red zone targets for sure.
  • And on third down, if all else fails, you can't go wrong with a safe fade route in the corner of end zone to WR Santonio Holmes, or a quick slant to WR Braylon Edwards.
We've got to be better down there.