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Predictions for 2010 NFL Season: Looking Back

I swear, I had this saved on my computer back in August. Really. 


- The marquee matchup of week 9 would be the Chiefs vs. Raiders

- Blair White is a legitimate fantasy option. 

- The St. Louis Rams are the frontrunners to win the NFC West.

- The 49ers would win two games halfway through the season. 

- Wade Phillips would lose his job because his defense is the second worst in the NFL. 

- LaDanian Tomlinson, not Shonn Greene, would become the starter for the Jets.

- Darren McFadden would emerge as a top-5 back in the league. 

- Randy Moss will be on three teams before the season is halfway over. 

- Mike Vick would start for the Eagles and play better than he did before he went to jail. 

- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would battle for the NFC South title. 

- One of the Patriots two losses would come against the Cleveland Browns.

- Colt McCoy would throw for over 250 yards in his NFL debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh, coming off a bye. 

- Arian Foster will lead the league in rushing. 

-Tamba Hali will have as many sacks as DeMarcus Ware.

- Brandon Lloyd will lead the league in receiving yards. 

- Ryan Fitzpatrick would throw for about 400 yards against the Ravens. And lose. 

- Kyle Orton will have more passing yards than Drew Brees.

- Special teams are the only reason the Chargers are not winning their division. 

- Ndamukong Suh will attempt an extra point. 

- Cincinnati will start 2-6. 

- The Rams' defense will rank higher than the Tennessee Titans

Obviously, I'm only kidding when I say I predicted all of this. It just goes to show how crazy and unpredictable this league can be.