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Should the New York Jets Utilize Their No Huddle Offense More?

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Mark Sanchez was inconsistent for the first 55:00 of Sunday's game against the Lions. The he led a pair of scoring drives, going 8 for 9 as Gang Green put up 10 points to send the game to overtime. Sanchez seemed to find a comfort zone working in no huddle mode.

The way the defense played had something to do with it. The Lions took away the deep ball on these drives, trading yardage for time, which left things more open underneath than they had been. Even so, Sanchez was making smart decisions, was more accurate than he had been, and was putting his guys in position to make plays.

Mark has struggled since the Minnesota game, which was the point Santonio Holmes joined the lineup. David asked us then whether Mark is overthinking because of the number of weapons he has. There has been a marked difference from the first four weeks, when he was looking to Dustin Keller first and to Braylon Edwards if Keller wasn't open. His looks have been more varied since then.

When a team is going fast in the no huddle, quarterbacks need to be much more instinctive. There isn't time to overthink things. I wonder whether the Jets might want to experiment with putting Sanchez into the no huddle more so he makes quicker decision and might be less likely to be overwhelmed by the number of options he has.