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Sports Week at the Levi's Workshop

Yesterday a photo workshop opened up in New York City, capturing shots of Jets and Giants fans tailgating. It will be open through the week. Here is the important information:

Levi’s® Photo Workshop

18 Wooster Street (between Canal & Grand)

New York, New York 10013


WHAT: We Are All Fanatics Exhibition

WHEN: Sunday, November 7 through Saturday, November 13

HOW: Visit the Levi’s® Photo Workshop during its open hours all week (hours available at

Levi’s® celebrates the super fans and underdogs of sport with a double-header exhibition featuring photographs by renowned photographers Naomi Harris and Richard Kern. Harris’ exhibition, a photo essay featuring the "stars" of the Giants and Jets tailgate parties, captures in parallel seemingly ordinary people and their occasionally excessive love of football. And on the other side of the Workshop gallery, Richard Kern and Vice Magazine get up close and personal in a series of photographs featuring the hard-throwing, hard talking and hard-f&#ing Kenny Powers and the cast of the HBO show Eastbound & Down. The exhibition will remain on display through Saturday, November 13 (please note that the Workshop is closed on Mondays).