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Was the Packers game a cause for concern?

Hey everyone, this is my first post on Gang Green Nation as a staff writer and I'm very excited about it. I was recently brought on board by John B and I'll be posting every Friday on a variety of Jets related topics. Aside from my work on GGN, I run a NY Jets blog called the Jersey Jets Fan, so check it out if you feel inclined to do so. Enough of the introduction though, lets get started on the Jets!


After last weeks loss to the Packers many Jets fans and the media have turned their feelings around on the team. The media has continued to declare Mark Sanchez the weak link on the squad and that the Jets aren't as good as Rex Ryan has proclaimed. Well, I'm writing to put an end to that notion.

Has anyone ever heard of an off day? That's exactly what last Sunday was for the Jets. A very very off day. But once I was done throwing my TV remote against the wall after the loss, I took the time to look back on the game. I found that I wasn't worried about what took place as an indication of future play. So here are a few reasons why you shouldn't sweat last weeks loss either:

  • Sanchez's 2 interceptions aren't an indication of bad play at the QB position. I completely blame both int's on officiating and the receivers, not the QB. Sanchize made some big time throws last Sunday that could have turned into points, but the receivers just couldn't come up with the big play. Sanchez is light years away from where he was last year and his skills and decision making continue to progress.
  • Braylon Edwards is catching the ball and Jerricho Cotchery and Santonio Holmes aren't. It's kind of ironic, both J-Cro and Holmes are known for sure hands and Edwards is known for the opposite. But look for both Cotchery and Santonio to bounce back this week and Edwards to keep contributing big plays to the offense. Last week might have been Jericho's worst game in a Jets jersey, so don't expect a repeat.
  • Shottenheimer strayed a bit from the Ground n Pound philosophy that is our bread and butter, but the opportunities were there against the Packers. There were multiple plays that receivers were wide open and either not hit or the pass was dropped. Let's no go at Shotty yet, but he needs to make sure we establish the run. Sanchez is much more effective when we are running the ball and the play action is getting the defense to bite.
  • Yes, the offense was awful last game, but there was one shining bright spot in the ugly 9-0 loss. Our defense was phenomenal. We are picking up steam and regaining our form from last season. I'm growing to like Antonio Cromartie and believe without him, we might be in big trouble this year. Revis is finally healing up as is Calvin Pace. This defense will continue to be the anchor of our team. Even if the offense doesn't show up, the D keeps the Jets in a position to comeback and win.

I believe last weeks game was somewhat of a fluke. Our offense played poorly and our defense played lights out, essentially what we experienced all of last year. While the Jets Pack game was enough to make you pull your hair out, it's not indicative of whats to come this season. We are a playoff bound team and one of the best in the NFL.

So in conclusion, no, last weeks game was not a cause for concern!

That just about raps up my first post. Thanks for reading everyone, I look forward to writing more for you Jets fans as the season rolls on! After the jump check out a Jets rap music video that I have stumbled upon recently, I believe it might be the first of its kind. It's an interesting listen set to an awesome Jets highlight reel, so check it out after the jump.

For anyone of you out there that enjoy rap, you might like this. It comes by way of TwonDon, a young rapper and Jets fan out of New Jersey. Give it a listen, and even if your not a rap fan, the Jets highlights are great.