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Sports Illustrated Likes New York Jets to Win It All

SI says this will happen in the big game.
SI says this will happen in the big game.

A panel of's Peter King, Don Banks, Jim Trotter, and Kerry Byrne say the Patriots will win the division, but the Jets will win the Super Bowl in a rematch of Sunday's game.

East - Patriots
North - Steelers
South - Colts
West - Chiefs
Wild Card - Ravens
Wild Card - Jets

East - Giants
North - Packers
South - Falcons
West - Rams
Wild Card - Eagles
Wild Card - Saints

Superbowl - Jets over Packers

Those are pretty gutsy picks since it has the Jets likely winning at Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Foxborough to get to the big game. I don't see anything else too glaring about the twelve Playoff teams, though.

What do you think?