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Tom Brady: The Ideal Jet

Yes, you have read that title correctly. No, I have not taken any painkillers today. Tom Brady is more like Rex Ryan than you would think, and that's not counting the fact that they both have "supermodels" as wives. 

First, let's define what exactly is Rex's ideal Jet. First, he's gotta be willing to do whatever it takes to win. A Jet must leave it on the field for their teammates, be a great leader on and off the field. The Jets may not be the most likeable bunch of guys around, but they don't care what you think or predicted they will be. Draft position means nothing. It's about the heart of a man as much or more than it is about talent. 

Now, it is pretty easy to say Brady fits those characteristics to a T. The man is addicted to winning as much as he hates losing. He takes shot in the pocket to deliver the throw. He is the best leader in the league. No one outside the Patriots like him, but he doesn't care. He also doesn't care about the experts saying the Pats were supposed to "rebuild" this year. He also never cared that he was a 6th round pick who was destined to be a career backup. 

The man is a competitive of a guy as I've ever seen. I remember watching him this season, with a huge lead, and barking at his offensive teammates like they just lost the Super Bowl. It's as if he is still pissed about being a 6th round pick because frankly, he still is. 

Now, I'm not saying that we should trade Sanchez for Brady. Far from it. I love seeing the guy lose. But damn, there are few players like him left in today's age of sports.